Top 3 myths about divorce

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Contrary to popular belief, the divorce rate has actually declined in the United States in recent years. Professionals believe this has to do with the fact that millennials wait longer before tying the knot. Millennials also marry in fewer numbers, which in turn has caused the divorce rate to go down.

The idea that divorce is as prevalent as ever in society is just one myth that persists regarding legal separation. Anyone considering divorce or marrying in the first place should realize there are many misconceptions people spread regarding divorce. Here are three to ignore.

Myth #1: You will lose everything if you commit adultery

Many spouses assume adultery is the end-all in a divorce case. It is vital to recognize Ohio is a no-fault divorce state. That means a couple does not need an external reason to file for divorce. They can do so without one spouse necessarily doing wrong. Even if one spouse does cheat on the other, it does not mean the affected party will gain everything. It may not even affect how much alimony one spouse receives. However, if one spouse cheated and spent a substantial amount of marital assets on the affair, then that is a different story.

Myth #2: The kids get to pick which parent they live with

Depending on the age of the children, it is possible a judge would allow them to voice an opinion on which parent to stay with. A judge does not have to follow the children’s wishes though. Ultimately, a judge needs to do whatever is in the children’s best interests, which can be something quite different from what the kids want.

Myth #3: Divorce must be a tough battle

A lot of people assume divorce will naturally last for over a year, and it will result in a lot of fighting in court. However, couples can avoid a lot of complications by pursuing mediation and working out an equitable division of assets on their own.