Are you dealing with unpaid wages in your workplace?

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You work hard for your Ohio employer. Unfortunately, your diligence and team spirit do not guarantee full and on-time payments.

If you ever find yourself embroiled with issues related to unpaid wages, Workplace Fairness has information you may find useful. Gain an understanding of how to receive the money legally owed to you.

Insufficient paycheck

Maybe you keep up with the number of hours you work and notice the hours on your last paycheck are short of your tally. Touch bases with your employer to see if there is an explanation, making sure you bring your personal records with you. Your employer is legally obligated to pay you for the hours you work, otherwise, your boss may face penalization or even jail.

No paycheck whatsoever

Rather than insufficient pay, perhaps you are not paid at all. In this case, you should make a note of how many hours you worked that pay period, as well as any expenses that resulted from you not having that expected income. Again, ask your employer what is going on; it could be that the company switched to a different payment schedule; bimonthly rather than weekly, for instance.

Bounced paycheck

Sometimes, you get the pay and hours you expect, but your paycheck bounces. There could be a mistake with accounting or with the bank. There is also the chance the company cannot financially support payroll.

Paycheck deductions

Employees who handle money may find themselves penalized if their money drawer comes up short. An employer may decide to deduct the missing money from the employee’s paycheck. In this instance, depending on state laws, as long as the deducted amount does not drop your pay to below the most current minimum wage, your employer can deduct your pay.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.