Can you make probate a faster process?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

After you die, everything is out of your hands. This is why you have to prepare before your death by creating an estate plan. One thing that could cause issues for your family, even if you do have an estate plan, is probate. This legal process helps ensure that your wishes are honored by taking your estate through the court. However, understanding the probate process in Ohio can help you to ensure that it goes more quickly.

 The Ohio State Bar Association notes that only probate property has to go through the process. This is property that will not transfer automatically when you die or property that only you hold the title for. This gives you the chance to make changes now to avoid probate of many of your assets. You can put property titles in your name and the name of someone else or even transfer all property to someone before you die. You can also create trusts or other legal entities that will transfer upon your death. This will help to avoid the probate process for those assets.

 If you own property in another state, you need to handle that as well since that property may have to go through probate in that state. This could greatly slow things down. Make sure you change titles or create entities to allow that property to automatically transfer ownership upon your death.

 Do keep in mind that even if you have a will spelling everything out, it will not stop probate. You need to have legal transfers set up so everything happens automatically if you die. This information is for education and is not legal advice.