How can I dispute an eviction notice?

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Renting remains popular in Ohio, but there are times when you feel the landlord wrongfully did something. One case in point is when the landlord evicts you. That eviction notice can surprise you unless you know it is coming. There are steps you can take to dispute an eviction notice.

In Ohio, landlords must give you a three-day notice before eviction. Most eviction notices are due to violating the lease agreement or nonpayment. Not all landlords follow the correct process to evict a tenant. The landlord’s failure to comply with the Ohio revised code provides you with a reason to dispute the eviction. Other common defenses you can use include the landlord forcing you to leave, discrimination or refusing to repair necessary items in the dwelling.

Failing to leave the premises can result in the case going to court. At this point, you can challenge the eviction at the time of the hearing. Both you and the landlord must attend the court hearing. Challenging an eviction requires going to court. Many landlords present at the hearing with their attorneys. Showing up without one, you risk losing the dispute altogether. A negative hearing can drop your credit score and leave you homeless.

There are times the dispute can be mediated before making it to court but not always. The landlord does not have to accept any payments for rent during the eviction notice period. They may not be willing to discuss the dispute with you without an attorney. While this information should not be taken as legal advice, it can help you understand the process and what to expect.