How did Ohio courts affect parenting a transgender child?

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Ohio has had its ups and downs with the LGBTQ community, but a ruling regarding a transgender child made headlines. Transgender rights and issues are something that is fairly new in the courts. Previously, people did not talk about transgender issues in public. The idea of someone being transgender was foreign to the general public. However, with the LGBTQ movement, this has now become something that almost everyone has heard about. Still, there are some hurdles you must overcome.

 According to CNN, that was the case for a transgender teen whose parents did not want to provide him with the treatment his medical providers suggested. This treatment would allow the teen to undergo hormone therapy and begin the transition physically. The parents wanted to pursue another course of treatment because they objected to transitioning due to their religious beliefs.

 While the freedom of religious belief is held very high in this country, the judge in the case felt there was a bigger issue at play here. The teen was suffering from suicidal thoughts and feelings. Medical professionals felt he was at danger due to not being allowed to begin transitioning. With this in mind, the court held it was in the best interests of the child to take him away from his parents and grant custody to the grandparents who would allow the suggested medical treatments.

 The court is always focused on doing what is best for the child in a family legal situation. It is the court’s responsibility to look out for children, so in this case, the court did the one thing that would hopefully help the child while also allowing him to remain surrounded by loving family. This case now sets a path for other teens to seek legal help if they are in a similar situation.

 If you are an LGBTQ advocate, it is helpful to know about such cases. They can help you as you work to help yourself or others. This information is for education and is not legal advice.