How is child custody handled in Ohio courts?

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The court’s main interest in any custody hearing is to focus on the best interests of the children involved. According to Statistical Atlas, Columbus divorce rates dramatically increase between the ages of 40 and 50 for married couples. While the divorce rate in the state of Ohio is lower than the national average, many couples have children involved in the separation further involving the court system.

Separation and divorce require the parents to determine a plan for custody and visitation. A lawyer creates the legal documentation for their represented party to present on behalf of the parent. Emotions are often high during this time for both the parents and the children.

According to the divorce code of the Ohio government, the court appoints a guardian, assesses and interviews the child, may look into various aspects of both parents and then make a determination. The financial worth, psychological health, past conduct and character of the parent can impact the court’s decision on the parent’s ability to care for the children. The court takes into account the child’s medical and psychological needs as well.

The court wants to see a plan preferably from both parents. Parents can choose to co-parent or share parenting in many situations. In the ideal situation, the parents present the same plan to the court, but there are times when there are two different plans. In cases where the parents do not agree, the court decides a plan or compromise based on the needs of the children. An attorney can help the parents come to a compromise.