3 ways to reach a divorce decree

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Deciding to divorce is not easy, and neither is choosing the way you want to go about it. Ohio courts offer couples a few ways to end a marriage, but at least two require they willingly compromise.

At Artz Dewhirst & Wheeler, Attorneys at Law, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with all options available. When seeking a divorce, the avenues available can take you in different directions to get a divorce decree. Familiarize yourself with the three types of divorce paths to help choose the one for you.

Collaborative divorce 

A growing trend among couples who can compromise is a collaborative divorce. The spouses and attorneys meet to finalize the terms of the divorce. Some couples may have already agreed to most issues, but the lawyers need to complete it for a judge’s signature. The couple must agree on every facet to go this route.


Some spouses compromise on many issues but come to a roadblock on others. Mediation may work to finish what the parties started. The process usually takes place at the offices of the mediator who spends the time going back and forth between the parties. This practice minimizes bickering. When everyone agrees to all terms, one lawyer drafts the final paperwork for submission to the judge.


If a couple cannot cooperate, the full court process is the only option left. During this extended time, the parties must file documents and attend hearings. Aside from the extended timeframe and expenditure, leaving things up to a judge means a third-party will decide any issue to which a couple cannot reach an agreement. It takes power away from the spouses.

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