Is the state minimum wage going up?

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People who earn minimum wage in the state of Ohio should be aware of an important development starting in 2020. Due to a yearly inflation requirement mandated by a state constitutional amendment passed in 2006, many minimum wage workers will be seeing an increase in their salaries. This is not the case for all employees who earn minimum wage. Depending on the business you work for, your wage level might stay the same.

WHIO TV reports that the state minimum wage is scheduled to go up beginning on January 1st of 2020. Employees who do not receive tips shall see their minimum wage go up to $8.70 per hour, while workers who do make money from tips will have their minimum wage increased to $4.35 per hour. This new standard is set to apply to workers who are employed by businesses that make $319,000 each year in gross receipts.

As for workers at companies that are smaller and make only $319,000 or lower in gross revenue, the minimum wage is still dictated by the federal minimum wage. This also applies to workers who are 14 and 15 years old. Employees in these categories will still receive only $7.25 per hour, unless there is a change in state or federal law that increases wages for these workers.

If you do fall into the same category of workers that is receiving a pay increase, be on the lookout for an increase in your wages. If you are denied a raise that state law qualifies you for, your employer could have violated employment law. There are other ways an employer may deny you wages, so only read this article as general information and not as a substitute for the advice of a professional attorney.