Planning on a divorce? Collect these documents before you file

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

You know that you want to get a divorce, but you haven’t spoken to your spouse yet. You know they’ll be upset, and they could take actions that would make it hard for you to get into your accounts.

Before you talk to them, it’s time to look at what you need when you speak with your attorney. Some important documents can be collected in advance, so you won’t have to worry if passwords are changed or your spouse takes the documents with them when they leave the home.

Some of the documents you’ll want to have before you talk to your attorney about divorce include:

  • Paycheck stubs from any source of employment from the last year
  • Your spouse’s paycheck stubs if you have access to them
  • Copies of your joint or individual tax returns
  • Copies of financial statements
  • Copies of financial ledgers if you or your spouse works for cash
  • Business expense paperwork
  • Mortgage statements
  • Tax statements
  • Any kind of documentation you can find about joint financial accounts, like bank statements or savings certificates
  • Copies of your debts
  • Copies of life insurance policies

You should also collect any other pertinent financial information that may be of help to your attorney. Your attorney will discuss with you a number of items they’ll need during your consultation, so consider having this consultation before you talk about divorce with your spouse. 

One of the most important factors during your divorce is going to be to identify your assets and debts. You need to know what you have to be able to decide how to divide it. If you would like to learn more about dividing your assets or the documents you may want to have on hand, our website has more on what you should know about divorce.