If you want to adopt your adult stepchild, you may be able to

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One thing that you want to do that is a little different from others is to adopt your adult stepchild. Adopting them is a good way to guarantee their inheritance rights, which is something you’ve been concerned about in the past.

Adult adoptions have other benefits, too. Some benefits of an adult adoption include:

  • Taking care of a loved one who needs long-term care without questions about guardianship
  • Formalizing an existing relationship, such as a parent-stepchild relationship
  • Reconnecting with a birth parent who was estranged or who lost their parental rights
  • Protecting family assets and improving the ease of inheritance

Stepparents often adopt grown stepchildren, so you’re not alone in this situation. To be able to adopt, however, you will need to show that your stepchild is willing to be adopted by you. Additionally, your child’s parents will need to receive a notice of the final hearing, but they don’t need to give consent.

If your stepchild is now married, their spouse should give consent. It may not be required, but it’s a good way to guarantee that you are welcomed by both adults.

It would be rare for any kind of home study to be required in this kind of case, but the court may ask for an investigation just to make sure that the adoption is in each person’s favor. So long as everything is straightforward and honest, you should soon get the approval to go through with the adoption.

Your attorney can help you put together the adoption paperwork and prepare for the adult adoption. Our website has more on why this is a great way to get closer to your stepchild, even as they move into adulthood.