3 tips for when you’re looking for a surrogate

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If you are interested in having a child of your own but cannot have the child yourself, then one option is to pursue a surrogacy. A surrogate is a woman who is interested in carrying your child for you. They will often do so for a specific price, medical care and other support, but sometimes, people find them for free as well.

Finding a surrogate is important, but you need to know what to look for in a good surrogate. Here are three tips to remember.

Consider going through a surrogacy agency

Going through a surrogacy agency is a good idea if you want to find a surrogate you can trust. The agency provides additional support, and your attorney can help you make sure all contracts are binding.

Don’t forget to get familiar with the surrogate

There are surrogates who have children for others for all kinds of reasons. Get familiar with the surrogate you’re interested in, making sure to request a medical screening, psychological evaluation, background checks and other legal steps to protect your rights and your child.

Have your attorney review the final agreement

Once you do find a surrogate you want to work with, it’s smart to have your attorney review the surrogacy agreement. They will make sure that the money and hard work you’re putting into this process is protected and that the contract is fair to those involved.

Your attorney will be happy to go over the process of using a surrogate and protecting yourself as someone who would like to be a parent in the future. Take these steps cautiously, and you can see a positive result.