Is bird nesting right for your post-divorce family?

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Even though your marriage is heading toward divorce, your kids remain your top priority. If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse have decided to co-parent the children, you have many options for making the arrangement work. One of them, bird nesting, has gained popularity in recent years. 

In a co-parenting situation, bird nesting provides continuity and stability for the kids by always keeping them in the same home. You and your ex-spouse move into the family home during your scheduled parenting time while otherwise residing somewhere else. Here are some tips for making this type of arrangement work for your post-divorce family. 

1. Address financial details

If you choose to try bird nesting, you must address the financial details of the residence where the children live. Clearly defining who pays for what may help minimize future disagreements. If you and your ex-spouse are on good terms, it may make sense to open a joint checking account to cover nesting expenses. 

2. Think about chores and household duties

While each co-parent may be responsible for chores and household duties when living at the nesting house, you should think about creating a to-do list for both the kids and the co-parents. You should also have a plan for any upkeep and maintenance the nesting home may require. 

3. Communicate early and often

Even if you plan adequately, unpredictable situations are likely to arise. Communicating with your children’s co-parent may keep conflict in check. Nevertheless, your nesting agreement or parenting plan should probably include a process for resolving disputes. 

Communication may also help you gauge whether your nesting arrangement is working. Regularly checking in with your ex-spouse and your kids may help you make any modifications necessary to get the most out of bird nesting.