Is now the time to tell your child about the split?

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Getting a divorce is a tricky time in your life. Even for adults, it is a time of confusion and stress. Unfortunately, as parents, you also have to worry about keeping your child in the loop.

You may thus wonder, is there any good time to tell your child about the upcoming divorce? Can you make any choices that will actively reduce the harm they could suffer from?

Do not wait too long

Psychology Today discusses the importance of timing when it comes to telling your kid about the divorce. The first thing they note is that you should not wait too long before breaking the news. This is the first reflex for many parents, and it is an understandable one. After all, no one wants to tell their child something that will harm them. But what a child needs is time and space to process the changes their life is about to undergo. You can only give them this by telling them sooner rather than later.

Prepare before you discuss

At the same time, you do not want to rush into a discussion without any preparation. Give yourself and your co-parent the time you need to decide how to tackle this. You want to prepare for any possible questions your child may ask. You also want to draw the lines you will uphold during the conversation. Decide what you will address and what you will keep to yourself. Tackle the narrative you want to discuss this topic with, too.

Most important of all, ensure that your child understands you will love and support them no matter what. Having the foundation of both parents can vastly improve their ability to handle the news.