Back child support and license suspension

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If you are working through the divorce process as a parent, issues involving your kids are especially important (and often very emotionally taxing). Aside from custody, you need to think about child support, whether you plan on receiving payments from the other party or you will have to pay child support.

Aside from financial penalties, a shattered reputation and even time behind bars, some non-custodial parents have their licenses suspended as a result of unpaid support.

Back child support and driver’s license suspension

According to the Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency, the state has a number of strategies to enforce child support orders. For example, if a non-custodial parent is more than 30 days behind on support payments, they will receive a notice from the state agency informing them that they could lose their driver’s license.

Parents in this position have the ability to ask for a hearing within 14 days if they disagree with the action. Moreover, the agency does not suspend licenses until a parent fails to pay at least half of their support for 90 days.

Reinstating a suspended license due to back child support

If you lost your license due to back support, you could have it reinstated by paying your balance in full, proving that you are no longer able to work or providing evidence of a financial account or employment so the state can withhold support.

It is important for custodial and non-custodial parents to review various issues related to child support, from planning ahead and accounting for a child’s needs to understanding the potential consequences that can arise when a parent falls behind on their obligations.