Why do gray divorces occur?

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Most people believe that once a married couple reaches a certain point, their union is practically guaranteed. However, this is not always the case. According to AARP, rates of gray divorce have actually increased over the years, while divorce rates for everyone else have gone down.

While the reasons for divorce run the gamut, there are a few common causes. Understanding these causes can help you make the right decision.

Financial problems

Financial issues create a lot of stress in a marriage. If you are the breadwinner and your spouse is financially irresponsible, you are bound to feel incredibly frustrated. You will also have to contend with an inability to pay bills when financial issues are severe. While divorce costs money, it can actually have a positive impact on your finances going forward by giving you greater control over them.


Infidelity is a huge betrayal between married couples. Affairs are often physical, but they can also happen emotionally. In some cases, your spouse can conduct an affair solely from a laptop or smartphone. However, even emotional affairs are damaging, as they have a poor impact on the emotional intimacy between you and your partner.

Poor communication

While it might not appear as serious as other items on this list, bad communication can also ruin a marriage. If you do not feel comfortable telling your spouse about your problems, a solution will never arise. If your spouse is highly critical of you in a way that is mean or cruel, you are likely to check out of the relationship, no matter how long it has gone on.

The above occurrences do not always mean that divorce is unavoidable. However, if your spouse is unwilling to change, and you are truly not happy in your marriage, divorce is probably the best option.