Is parallel parenting a good fit?

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Not every form of parenting will work with every family, no matter how highly lauded it may seem. For example, professionals often state that joint custody serves a child’s best interest better than sole custody, but this arrangement simply does not work for every family.

Thus, it is important to view each option in relation to how your unique family dynamic works and see what might suit you best. You can start with parallel parenting, which offers a good solution for those aiming for eventual cooperative parenting strategies.

The benefits of parallel parenting

Psychology Today discusses how parallel parenting serves as a good fit for some newly divorced families. Sometimes, you just need some time and space after a split. It is hard to slide right into a routine in which you share custody of your child but also need to see your ex-spouse frequently. You might want more room to heal.

Parallel parenting can meet that need while also giving your child the support of both parents. Through parallel parenting, you and your co-parent will both share custody and remain active in your child’s life. However, you do not have to interact directly with one another. In fact, you cannot do so.

Written communication only

If you opt for this, you and your co-parent can only communicate through writing. You cannot meet face-to-face and you cannot exchange calls or video chats. You may only use emails, text messages, instant messaging services and hand-written letters.

This allows you to work through post-divorce with a much slimmer chance of arguments. In turn, you can work your way to cooperation faster, though of course, this will differ from family to family depending on your unique circumstances.