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The end of a marriage or other relationship is a complicated time. Terminating a marriage or relationship usually requires untangling finances, determining how to fairly divide property, and arriving at fair and equitable arrangements that serve the best interests of the parties’ children. LGBT families and unmarried individuals face even greater legal challenges when relationships end because of the lack of any inherent structure in Ohio law surrounding their relationships and legal obligations to each other.

At the Bexley, Ohio, law firm of Carol Ann Fey, Of Counsel, Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler LLP, I help clients throughout central Ohio dissolve their marriages and relationships while protecting their legal interests, and I do so by listening carefully and sensitively to you and helping to outline potential courses of action that will serve you in the most efficient and cost-effective way I can. Regardless of your family law concerns, an experienced, caring and certified Columbus family law attorney who takes the time to understand and attend to your specific situation and goals is an asset. There are many family lawyers in central Ohio to choose from; I recommend you choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable when you meet – someone who really cares about you and your needs. That individual attention is what I offer my clients.

Carol Ann Fey: Certified Family Law Specialist

I have over three decades of experience in Ohio family law. I maintain my family law specialist certification through annual legal education courses so that I can provide traditional, nontraditional, married, unmarried and same-sex couples with the most current and accurate family law advice in Ohio. I take great pride in staying on top of the trends in this ever-changing area of law.

I always advise my clients to enter into prenuptial agreements and child custody agreements before problems arise. By planning for the future at the beginning of a relationship or immediately after becoming parents, clients can save a lot of time, money and heartache down the road.

A Collaborative Family Law Approach Helps Divorcing Couples To End Their Marriage With Dignity And Respect

One of the central tenets of my practice is that negotiation strategies in a divorce save my clients time and emotional heartache. The fact is that divorcing couples benefit greatly from a collaborative approach, aimed at reducing the need for trial and litigation. In essence, a collaborative family law approach avoids the conflict inherent in trial by emphasizing consensus-based decisions and mutual benefits.

I use a collaborative family law approach to address all of my clients’ family law concerns, including:

Ohio law recognizes a specialized form of ending a marriage. Through a collaborative family law approach, divorcing couples and their attorneys decide together how to divide assets and share custody of the children. In this way, Ohio domestic court judges evaluate and approve co-parenting plans and divorce agreements.

Even when substantial assets are involved, a collaborative family law approach can include financial planners and accountants to divide assets fairly. Outside experts are built into the process where necessary to ensure that both parties are fairly represented.

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