Comprehensive Family Law Services For Clients Across Columbus

At Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler, LLP, we are proud to offer a wide range of family law services for all families. The quality of our Columbus firm’s approach lies in our legal professionals’ skill and their sensitivity to your family’s situation. With a collaborative approach, we can build legal solutions that meet your needs. We counsel and represent clients in the following family law areas.

Adoption: Completing Your Family

We help both traditional and same-sex couples legally formalize adoptions that include:

  • Private or agency involvement
  • Stepparent adoption
  • Adult adoption

Resolving Matters Surrounding Surrogacy And Assisted Reproductive Technology

Attorney Tom Addesa has extensive experience representing clients in Ohio and throughout the United States in every aspect of surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology, including:

  • Carriers
  • Intended parents
  • Surrogacy agencies
  • Fertility clinics
  • Prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements help both LGBTQ and traditional couples define the status of their marital financial details, providing transparency throughout the marriage. Also, it puts a structure in place if the couple decides to divorce.

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Helping Families Work Through Custody Concerns

For couples that choose not to marry, a relationship agreement legally formalizes a relationship. Ohio law states that an adopted child may only legally have two parents if the parents are married to one another. In this state, the legal arrangement of shared custody can establish rights and responsibilities for unmarried couples with minor children.

Attorney Carol A. Fey is a pioneer of using shared custody for LGBTQ couples in our state, and her colleagues also have extensive experience establishing shared custody arrangements for unmarried clients.

For couples that are considering divorce or co-parenting, a plan that is in the best interests of a divorcing couple’s minor children is the primary goal when developing parenting plans and custody arrangements for our clients. The right of children to have equitable levels of support is the foundation of our work in facilitating child support agreements.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

With the collaborative option for divorce, dissolution and legal separation, our lawyers aim to avoid the time, cost and conflict involved in the litigation process. We work to develop a consensus for cooperative decision-making that will serve the best interests of all parties involved. If resolving differences remains contentious, we can use our considerable litigation experience to represent your case in court.

Post-Decree Issues

It is natural that circumstances in parenting and support will change as time goes by after a divorce. Parenting plan details and support arrangements must be updated to reflect the changing needs of the children.

Alternative Methods To Resolve Your Disputes

A mediation approach applies to both divorce and post-decree issues such as parenting plans and support modifications. In mediation, the two parties solving a problem discuss their concerns with a neutral third party present. The mediator is a facilitator for the solution-oriented discussion. Firm lawyer and mediator Tom Addesa, who also teaches the Divorce and Family Mediation course at Capital University Law School, encourages working together to make decisions efficiently.

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