The Right Approach For Difficult Situations

Closing one chapter of life through divorce or dissolution and starting anew is a challenging emotional and legal experience. At the Columbus firm of Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler, LLP, we place sensitivity to your situation and a commitment to confidential consultation at the same level as providing you with high-quality legal representation.

A Collaborative Approach

In the collaborative approach to divorce or dissolution, each member of the couple, together with their attorneys, cooperatively decides on divorce matters such as:

  • Parenting plans
  • Division of assets
  • Child support arrangements

After the collaborative process is complete, Ohio domestic court judges will review and approve the divorce agreement and associated parenting plan. This approach emphasizes civility and respect while remaining sensitive to the challenges of drafting a divorce agreement.

The Divorce Mediation Option

In mediation, the divorcing couple meets with a neutral third party to draft a divorce agreement. Requiring the ability to discuss matters, cooperate and compromise with a soon-to-be former spouse, mediation is not for everyone. For those that can do this, however, it is a legal approach that saves time and money while coming to a mutually agreeable result.

At Artz, Dewhirst & Wheeler, LLP, we provide mediator services as well as legal consultation for people planning to use the mediation process. We find that mediation also works well when a divorce agreement must be modified.

Court Litigation

When disputes between divorcing parties cannot be resolved agreeably, we have the experience and resources to fight on your behalf for equitable:

  • Child visitation and support
  • Asset division
  • Other financial concerns such as spousal support

Whether you are contemplating an annulment, divorce, separation or dissolution, our experienced attorneys will listen to your situation and your goals and craft an individualized solution.

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